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Canada is one of my favorite destinations. To have been there five times in summer and two times in winter, I have developed several tips and found several places that will be useful to those wishing to travel there for the first time. I love Canada for its generous nature but also for the people of this country. They are so welcoming and friendly that we would like them back home.
Car rental
I scrutinized every rental car in Canada because in all my travels there, I rented a car. It is easy to get around and the roads are beautiful. Undoubtedly, if you rent a car there, your best option is Globe Car, a Montreal company that in addition to the lowest price, you have a free GPS included in the rental. The only disadvantage is that they are only renting from Montreal. You will have to look for alternatives for other places in Canada [...]
Often referred to as the Paris of the continent of North America, the city of Montreal offers the perfect blend of natural beauty and modern attractions. This city is perhaps the best example of the existence of an old world charm in every fold that the tourist to the land experiences which is the perfect way in which one can experience the quaint escapism into a world long gone by. Meandering roads take you past the greenest meadows to some of the best kept secrets that nature has. A part of the province of Quebec, Montreal is the largest and most important city of the region. The second largest city of Canada, a large portion of the actual city of Montreal merges with the island of Montreal, from which the main city derives its name [...]
The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association maintain that there 102 functioning life insurance businesses in Canada. Like every other business, the Canadian insurance industry has also had its share of economic downturns, but is now well on its way to recovery. The explosive nature has forced some changes, like an increase in consolidation and greater emphasis on safer and more unadventurous goods.
Despite the difficult economic conditions, the Canadian insurance industry is financially strong and collecting the profits of affirmative consumer insight. Contrary to banks and brokerage firms whose reputations encountered a major blow during the recession years, insurance companies have managed to come out fairly unharmed [...]