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Art and Entertainment

Selected topics regarding genealogy and history.
Entertainment lifestyle magazine geared towards a younger audience. Covers topics ranging from music and fashion to travel and technology.
Quarterly literary journal published by St. Francis Xavier University.
Digest of national arts news collected from Canadian sources.
"Nonprofit arts organization dedicated to the amateur festival movement and its participants.
Offers collections and exhibits of footwear from around the world, from ancient times to modern day.
Features information about the author and his book, After Battersea Park, published by Raincoast Books.
International literary festival.
Certified international high school providing ESL instruction and Grades 8-12 curriculum. Also offers a multimedia/graphics program.
Subscription-based. Publishes literary essays in which novelists and poets share their thoughts about their lives, their work, and the work of other artists.
Formerly C Magazine.
Enjoy theatre, music, storytelling and more from around the world. Find information on tickets, a schedule of events, and other festival details.
Annual city-wide celebration involving sporting events, art and cultural presentations and community carnivals.
Competition for Canadians age 18-26 to journal their travels in Canada through writing, photography, or video.
Media, investor relations, and public relations resources.